Age of the gods norse: gods and giants


If you are a fan of the Vikings, you may be aware that Age Of The Gods Norse: Gods And Giants is an online game in which gamers take on the role of characters from this popular book and experience what it was like for the Vikings during the time period. Age Of The Gods Norse: Gods And Giants is a strategy-based game that make use of many of the same mechanics from other Baldur’s Gate games, but also adds some fresh mechanics of its own. It takes place during the year 930 before the events of the main book took place, so players will get a good look at what happened during these crucial years in Viking history. The game puts players in the role of Odysseus, a hero of the Homeric epics who journeys to the region of the West Winds where he encounters a giant who resides in a hidden cave. From there, players must journey through the West Winds seeking out giants whom Odysseus must fight and ultimately destroy to win his prize.

In order to win the Age Of The Gods Norse: Gods And Giants, you will need to make use of both a standard random number generator and a set of dice rolls that are managed by a game interface. Players start off with ten blank god cards, each featuring one of the ten giant forms described in the novel. To start the game, players must choose an alignment using the matching symbols located on each card. Then they can move their mouse over these matching symbols to take their turn in the game, moving their God Cards over the spaces and clicking on any god icon to activate them.

During each roll, the player must use the wild symbols found on the God Cards to try and match up the forms of the opposing forces. When a match is made, the corresponding player receives a point. When all of the wild god icons are used up, the player will lose a point and have to start the next roll over with a new set of random numbers. Winning the game at the end earns points instead of dollars, and it is possible to wind up with twice that amount if you are particularly unlucky. Age Of The Gods Norse: Gods And Giants is available from a number of online retailers and can be played for free or a small amount of money.