Jungle books

The Jungle books are a collection of stories by Rudyard Kipling. Although the majority of the characters are animals, there is one boy in the series who stands out above the rest. Mowgli is raised by wolves in the jungle and is the main protagonist of the books. The stories also explore the importance of friendship and family, and the power of imagination. You’ll love these stories, even if you have never read them.

The Jungle books are considered classic stories for children, and the themes are often universal. The ‘Mowgli’ stories, about a baby who is abandoned by his parents and raised by wolves, are one of the most popular. The books also contain many other characters, including Bagheera, Ratnake, and Bagheera, and teach important lessons about family, law, and responsibility. They also illustrate the freedom to move between worlds, and are ideal for children who are learning to respect authority.

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