Kanpai banzai


If you enjoy playing casino games that have an Asian influence such as Kanpai Banzai, then you should definitely look into this one. It is based off the traditional card game of Japan called Banzai. This Asian inspired slot machine is one of my favorites and definitely shows some uniqueness. The reels do not spin vertically like many traditional slots, but the symbols on the reels spin in a circular pattern horizontally.

Because it is an Asian-themed game, the manufacturers of Kanpai Banzai also decided to include some authentic Japanese Kanpai designs on the product. The suppliers usually choose sushi as the theme of their slot which is already a great angle to utilize, especially since the symbols used are easy to identify. There are even bonus icons on the reel that give you some idea of your odds of winning. I really enjoyed playing this demo mode of Kanpai Banzai at one of our local online casinos and winning big in the long run!

In the game itself there are two ways to play, and both have different win/loss outcomes. The first mode is where you choose a card and place it in the center of the reel, and then you pull a string to pull up the winnings. In this game it is easy to tell when you have pulled the right string because you will see icons on your reel that indicate your winnings. In the second mode, you pull the string for a total of three and a half seconds and you have to guess the number of cards remaining to determine your winnings. Although this game only has a small payout, it can make up for the small payout in terms of sheer fun, and it was a great way to see what an online slot machine is like.