Viking runecraft bingo

Viking Runecraft Bingo is a new video bingo game that features the popular slot machine. In this game, players can activate up to four cards at one time. They can then toggle them on and off to change the numbers on all of them. Players can win between 0.04% and 8 credits per round depending on how many numbers they match on all cards. There is also an option to deactivate all four cards, so they can play multiple rounds without losing too much money.

The game is available on mobile devices and looks incredible. The bonus game features the Thor God of Thunder and Odin God of Wisdom. Odin gives away 8 mystery rocks, while Freya is the goddess of beauty, giving away random cash prizes. The Ragnarok jackpot requires at least three coins per ticket, with the highest prize of 1,000x the stake. The game’s interface is sleek and fun to play, which will appeal to bingo and slot players alike.

Ragnarok is the ultimate special feature of this game. You activate it by covering a bingo card with at least 30 balls, and playing all four cards at the minimum wager of one coin per card. You then pick one of the 15 spots on the 3×5 game matrix, matching three like symbols. You are awarded a fixed prize if you match three golden symbols, and you can win up to 2065x your wager in the ultimate Ragnarok jackpot game.