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Vera John Casino Review

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Vera John Casino is one of the leading online casinos in the Mediterranean. The owners of Vera John Casino are both former bankers and professional players. They know what it takes to make a great casino, and they want you to have the same experience. They offer many different games to choose from, and they also offer “boutique gaming”.

Game Providers in Vera John Casino

vera&john casino

At Vera John customers will find a fair and competitive gaming atmosphere, generous free promotions (including the welcome bonus), and many games from almost all major game providers – including Netent, Big Time Gaming, and Playtech. Vera&John Casino is operated with the philosophy of giving every customer the maximum experience in the minimum time so that they come back again. The aim is also to give the customer a better playing experience than they would get if they visited an average casino. Online slots and video poker are some of the more popular games played here.

Casino games & tournaments

The main attractions for online slot players at Vera&John Casino are a large number of tournaments and free slots tournaments available, a wide range of bonuses including special free deposit bonuses and attractive combination packs, plus the nice sound and image presentation of the site. Although there are only thirty-four slots games on offer at this casino, the variety of bonuses, games, and bonuses makes it suitable for slot enthusiasts of all abilities. When you have made your selection you can get started immediately and then either challenge yourself in a tournament or take on the casino’s other games such as roulette and blackjack.

In addition to slots, there are video poker and keno games available at Vera&John. These are popular with online casinos, as you will find from the banner images on the site. There is also a great deal of variety on offer in slots, including single and multiple combination play. There are regular specials and promotional offers from Vera&John, with bonuses of up to two thousand free coins for example. Every user is encouraged to register and play in the bonus area to get the best experience.

Bonuses and promotions

Each month, Vera John Casino offers a new exclusive VIP Slots promotion. The top VIP customers are invited to attend a special launch celebration, featuring a live performance by DJs, giveaways, and appearances by the stars of The X Factor as well as some other surprise guests. All who attend the launch event will be given an exclusive password with the chance to earn one hundred thousand coins when playing slots in the casino. In addition to the launch celebration, there are two further exclusive slots promotions. One allows players to earn three hundred thousand free coins when playing at the bar and the other awards three hundred thousand coins to VIP members only.

Another of the great ways to enjoy the pleasures of Vera John Casino is to use their welcome package. This entitles the player to unlimited deposits over the course of twelve months. These bonuses and deposit offers are available in addition to a fifteen percent welcome bonus on casino transactions. These bonuses and welcome packages can be used for deposits for games, winnings or to fund your personal account. There are two types of deposit bonuses available to users. The first is the no deposit casino bonus, which can be used for deposits or for winning. The second is the thirty-day casino welcome offer which gives users thirty days in which to make their first deposit before switching to the no deposit welcome offer.

vera john casino bonusesThere are several different ways in which to earn rewards from Vera&John Casino. There are daily guarantee tournaments and single-player tournaments. The daily guarantee tournament is designed to reward those players who perform well at their tables during the day. This is the chance to test oneself against those players who have been at the casino for a while and to see just how they hold up against the more experienced casino dwellers. This offers the opportunity to build up points and bonuses to qualify for a daily guaranteed slot prize.

Single-player tournaments are designed to offer players who are new to the casino a chance to practice what they have learned at Vera John Casino. This means that these promotions are also a way to help new players understand how the gaming systems work. There are several different games to choose from and there are always opportunities to try something new. These promotions are not just for beginners though, as more experienced gamers are welcome to participate. These promotions are designed to increase the general enjoyment of gaming at Vera John Casino.

Live chat

Another feature of this casino is its live chat options. Any time of day or night there is a live chat option where a member can talk to a live dealer about any question or concern they may have. This gives members a place to get help if they are having problems with online gaming. There is even a help option for non-members, which allows them to chat with casino staff without having to become a member.

Vera John Casino is a safe place to bet

All wagers are handled in real-time with secure connections. This is one of many ways that this online casino experience differs from other companies and websites. Online gaming is processed through PayPal and Authorize. Each deposit to the casino is done with a credit/debit card, and each withdrawal requires a credit/debit card as well.